Who Are You When No One Is Around…

Who are you when no one else is around?


We spend so long trying to be something that we really are not. Whether it’s to please the public, please a friend, family member or boyfriend… or even just to make ourselves feel better. Its crazy to think that we are warped into believing that we have to behave or look a certain type of way to be accepted.

It starts with “It’s fine I’ll just post myself in this outfit. I don’t like it but my Instagram followers”. That then becomes “Well since everybody else is getting fillers I may as well get it too”… all the way to the extreme diets to lose “a few unnecessary pounds” just because the world thinks being ‘skinny’ its whats best. Maybe if i get my boobs done I’ll feel better about myself? Maybe if i buy the same skinny tea that the Kardashians use I’ll start looking like them. So you do all these things only to realise that internally you still feel the same. Problem isn’t it? You begin to lose your personality and self  just because you spent so long trying to LOOK like everyone…except for yourself. In reality all you want is to feel and be happy.


So why don’t we start taking the time to find ourselves. To understand ourselves inside and out until we’re able to say “there is nothing another being can tell me about myself that I don’t already know”. Toxic places, toxic people and toxic energies all need to go. It’s an amazing feeling when you get rid of negative energy because you never truly know how negative it was for you until it’s gone. Cut it out straight from the source and watch yourself progress and grow. You’re full of such light, positivity and divine energy. Authentic. There isn’t another you.


So let me ask you again…..


Who are you when no one else is around? Explore and find out. Let me know.

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