Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Far Away…

Yes I changed the saying but there’s good reason for it. Hear me out…
Oh what a popular proverb that is –“Keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. It’s funny because by literal meaning, you should make best friends with your enemies right? No. Wrong. “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer” from my understanding means the following;


  • to keep a keen eye on enemies beyond what one might have on their friends
  • to be vigilant about the actions taken by enemies
  • it’s not a good idea to bother your enemies but be friendly with them. Stay alert

It’s definitely easier said than done but why would you want to be friends with your enemies in the first place if all they’re wishing is bad upon you? I don’t know about you but I certainly believe in the power of Prayer and hurtful wishes. That is not something you should want nor need around you. The crazy part about it all is that your enemies usually lay amongst your closest friendship circles…but they always reveal themselves. Pay close attention to not only the words, but the actions taken by people that claim to be your friend and have your back. They only need to show you once for you to see it. Don’t give them the opportunity to keep showing you.

One of my favourite quotes is: “Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they were comfortable saying it to you”. Because God knows, that my real friends wouldn’t allow a conversation about me to go past the first negative vibe they received…let alone a full blown conversation.

In saying that, your enemies should keep you on your toes. Keep you striving for more to become better, bigger and the best version of yourself. They’re the ones praying for your downfall whilst smiling in your face. Never give them the satisfaction of watching you fall. And if they do happen to see it… show them what getting back up again looks like. You fall 10 times and get up 11.

Keep them close in sight and mind but as far away as possible physically and spiritually. In the social media industry, its something you have to learn pretty quickly. Don’t you think?




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